Caesars Southern Indiana


Caesars Southern Indiana Uses QCI For Hosting

By Buddy Frank

It’s been proven time and again that your best players contribute the greatest percentage of your revenue. Some casinos far exceed the standard axiom that 80% of their revenue comes from 20% of their customers, often achieving that number with 10% or less of their best VIPs.
Keeping that segment happy and playing is critical. The best way to do that is to recognize that their number one point of contact is your host team. “We want our top-level guests to always keep us top of mind,” says Renee Nadeau, the Assistant General Manager and head of marketing at Caesars Southern Indiana. “These important customers want to be taken care of, and they need the personal touch which comes from a good hosting program. When our players think about entertainment options, we want them to think about Caesars Southern Indiana. And our hosts are great at doing that.”
Nadeau has spent years with the Caesars organization at various properties. She is a huge fan of the company’s nationwide “Caesars Rewards” loyalty program and their emphasis on customer relationship management. However, shortly after Caesars was acquired by Eldorado Resorts, her property was sold to EBCI Holdings LLC. (in September of 2021).
The tribe has maintained a strong relationship with Caesars, and just last year announced a new joint venture to develop a new casino in Danville, VA set to open in 2024. Likewise, they retained the right to use the Caesars Rewards program in Southern Indiana. But while Caesars had been a longtime user of leading CRM software, Nadeau and her switched to Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) for their former hosting solution about 18 months ago.
“QCI was designed from the ground up for casinos. More importantly, we can talk directly with their development team and get quick answers and enhancements.” When we call, Nadeau says, “it is almost ‘real time’ for improvements since we are talking to the development team who will be implementing any changes and enhancements.”
QCI has a system to upgrade their software quickly and efficiently for all users. They have successfully made over 1,000 enhancements since the base program launched in December of 2020, averaging an upgrade every 10 to 12 weeks. Today the young company has over 141 casino clients worldwide managing over $24 billion in annual gaming revenues.
“Hosting” software is relatively new to the casino industry, evolving slowly in the last decade. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs have been around a bit longer. They allow users to keep track of customers preferences, demographics, hobbies, interests and the like. Casino hosting and host management are the newest features of the QCI software that provides tools to help inform, manage, guide and track the host team.
Nadeau says, “If an individual host’s numbers are down, we can look at the analytics of call logs, texts, emails sent, and visits to see how they compare to other hosts and examine any obstacles that could be causing issues. QCI gives us complete visibility to everything we need to fine tune those contacts with our VIPs. It becomes a very valuable tool, not only to help a host who is struggling, but to make our entire team more efficient.”
The software provides preparation for the hosts prior to making any guest contact by reviewing past visits, communications and any previous guest issues. QCI says in their marketing material that they, “connect on a deeper level with your best customers, learn their preference, and create unforgettable personalized experience that bring them back.”
Those are also elements of most generic CRM programs. But, again, QCI is tailored to casino play and includes important tools to examine factors like player “churn.” Through their analytics, users can proactively spot declines in visits, negative or positive changes in play patterns or spending levels, along with shifting preferences at the hotel, bars, restaurants or other venues. This information can be used to tailor specific programs, promotions or offers aimed at these targeted segments.

As Nadeau said earlier, “our guests want to be taken care of.” One of the best ways to ensure that’s happening is with the QCI Host and Host Management software programs.
Caesars Southern Indiana is located Elizabeth, IN, but they describe their ten- story, 503-room hotel as “a stylish Kentuckian getaway.” Indeed, the resort is just a few miles west of the state line and nearby Louisville, KY.
The property features a 110,000 sq. ft. casino with 1,100 slots and 70 table games. It’s a full-blown resort with pool, spa and an affiliated golf course. They have an entertainment events center, two lounges and four restaurants, including a Gordon Ramsay Steak.