Data-driven intelligence to accelerate your business.

Put your data to work, generate more revenue, and build comprehensive reporting and analytics for your gaming floor. Instantly access market basket analysis, true volatility, and your customer game devotion.

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Understand your gaming floor dynamics with clarity.

Optimize your gaming product mix by understanding player interaction at a deeper level, which machines perform best, and which to remove from your floor without impacting revenue.

Link player devotion to
game performance.

See past individual game performance and optimize player interaction with the entire floor.

Quickly understand and analyze your gaming floor.

Analyze customer interactions with your machines. Understand trends across individual customers, time of day, day of week, machine manufacturer, denomination, and much more.

Contour heat mapping that uncovers profit potential.

Animated customer interactions with machines immediately identify high-traffic areas, popular machines, and customer trends. Use real-time insights on player flow to quickly find ways to improve your machine performance.

Start growing.

Discover how Quick Custom Intelligence can
take your gaming business to new heights.

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