Turn your hosts
into heroes.

Thousands of hosts use QCI daily to delight customers. Connect on a deeper level with your best customers, learn their preferences, and create unforgettable personalized experiences that bring them back.

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Built for your hosts and host managers.

We know how important and challenging the host’s job is for driving revenue and customer loyalty. Our technology seamlessly fits into the day-to-day workflow of your hosts.

Features that matter.

Get notified on what player interactions need to happen, assign them to a host, and track each host’s performance across different metrics.

Transform players,
into friends.

Catalog your customer preferences to deliver world-class experiences every day. Track player interactions to ensure your hosts achieve their goals.

Turn your team
into sales leaders.

Personalize the experience for your biggest customers. Track preferences across visits and develop profiles that help your host team continually deliver a VIP experience while increasing your host team retention.

Start growing.

Discover how Quick Custom Intelligence can
take your gaming business to new heights.

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