QCI Tables is your consolidated and consistent view of player behavior across your gaming floor.

Table games data shouldn’t live in a silo. QCI Tables unlock a seamless view of devotion and loyalty between table games, electronic table games, and slot machines through our unique patented math models. QCI’s data-driven intelligence tool delivers the information with a high level of detail in an easy-to-understand and insightful format.

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Unlock the cross-play between your table games and your electronic table games.

Electronic table games have changed the world with options for an efficient and interactive experience. QCI Tables provide the tooling to optimize the mix between traditional and electronic formats by offering a depth and breadth of data that can completely change the way you operate your table games business.

Get real-time information for real-time actions.

Table game players often represent the best players in a gaming operation. With QCI Tables, your player development teams can help ensure that guests receive the best table game experience with real-time notifications and gaming activity. By combining detailed game metrics with VIP service, your operators can make informed decisions to optimize table game yield.

Contour heat mapping that uncovers profit potential.

You will soon have the ability to view animated customer interactions with table games and immediately identify popular games and customer trends. By using real-time insights on player behavior, your team can quickly find ways to improve your table game’s performance.

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Discover how Quick Custom Intelligence can take your gaming business to new heights.

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