Load and Verify your offers with just a few keystrokes.

You can load and verify millions of offers at a time, automatically with the only Robotic Process Automation Technology that mimics human loader data interactions, avoiding costly user errors and countless hours of tedious work.

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Make your system smarter with seamless, trainable, and reliable AI.

Automatically import your offers into your existing legacy system with a fully trainable AI-based technology designed to handle input/output functions, exceptions, and processes without error.

Code your hosted players with exceptional ease.

Code your hosted players without the cumbersome input processes that take valuable time away from running your floor. Most gaming system coding takes hours or days of manual work each week. QCI Loader automates this for you and reports on the results and is programmed to handle the numerous error messages that plague data entry for coding.

Leverage proven technology that's simple to use.

Be confident that you’re working with a smart and safe company while using the most cutting-edge technology; close to 1,000 sites, over 30,000 machines and more than 500 hosts are successfully using QCI Loader worldwide.

Start growing.

Discover how Quick Custom Intelligence can
take your gaming business to new heights.

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