Know all your guests and grow your player database.

The patented QCI Loyalty platform is a cardless player loyalty system that allows your guests to earn offers and rewards based on their property-wide activity tracked through their smartphones. QCI Loyalty has been purpose-built to manage loyalty member data, member transactions, and the operational aspects of a guest loyalty system across your entire property. QCI Loyalty provides a dynamic guest experience at every touchpoint of your business and builds a deep 360-degree interactive environment on top of your existing player tracking system.

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Enhance your player tracking system.

Over the last two decades, gaming operators have embarked on an expensive and often unsuccessful initiative to build a resort-wide guest experience. QCI Loyalty solves this challenge of providing a unified customer experience at a fraction of the cost of other loyalty systems through its ability to successfully link data across diverse platforms. By providing an innovative and nearly instant linking of every guest interaction throughout the enterprise with the underlying data streams of the resort’s business, QCI Loyalty allows you to turn your guests into players and develop a profitable guest-based resort business.

Powerful marketing tools that increase your market share.

QCI Loyalty allows you to manage member accounts and rewards while maintaining transactions, earned points, and redemptions, enabling you to market directly to your guests, promote loyalty, and increase your wallet share by providing the appropriate level of reinvestment.

Unlock critical knowledge about your un-carded players.

With QCI Loyalty, you can build a guest database of your unknown players, get to know your guests on a deeper level, and speak to them by their preferred means of communication – their smartphone.

With QCI Loyalty, some operators are eliminating player cards.

QCI Loyalty can reduce your operating costs by not having to print new or replacement cards. Our cardless technology allows you to build a customer database without the cost of labor, hardware, or consumables.

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