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With a plethora of structured courses catering to users of all levels, QCI College will continue to provide invaluable insights into QCI’s powerful software tools, enabling clients to drive operational efficiency, heighten guest engagement, and secure a competitive edge in the constantly evolving casino industry.

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As QCI College enters this enhanced phase of its journey, Dean Dr. Ralph Thomas shares his excitement: “I am enthused to continue leading the curriculum development at QCI College. We strive to create an enriching environment that allows our customers to extract the most value from our robust software tool.”


By formalizing QCI College, QCI underscores its commitment to empowering its clients with tools and resources that extend beyond traditional software products. In doing so, QCI not only strengthens its customer relationships but also reinforces its position as a trusted partner in the casino industry.

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Andrew is an established thought leader in visual analytics with over 25 years of experience in the field. He has led private Ph.D. and master’s level research teams in visualization/development for over 20 years; this leadership won Andrew two Smithsonian Laureates and more than 50 innovation awards. In addition, he is an inventor with over 60 granted patents, has published over 100 industry and academic articles and is coauthor of seven books on applied analytics.

Brandon Lenssen is a dedicated gaming industry professional, bringing over 27 years of experience across roles as an Operator, Operational Intelligence Partner and Regulator within the Casino Gaming sector in the USA and Canada. With a strong commitment to the industry, Brandon’s career reflects his passion for excellence and innovation. Most recently as the Vice President & General Manager for the three Bally’s Black Hawk Casinos, Brandon spent 5 years developing and implementing data-driven approaches to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of his team while improving the guest experience in a highly competitive market where 20 casinos operate within a two-mile radius.

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Courses focused on each aspect of the QCI Platform:  Administration, QCI Host, QCI Host Manager, QCI Marketing User, QCI Marketing Manager, QCI Slots, QCI Views, and QCI SQL Training.

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