Have your customers seen your entire resort through a beautiful mobile experience?

"QCI Player is not just a cool tool; it’s a game-changer. Our players can now reward themselves instantly and seamlessly." ~ Fred Buro, CEO of Pala Casino

QCI Player's dynamic content management capabilities allow for real-time updates and modifications to the content displayed to users.

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Drive visits by making player information constantly available.

With QCI Player, you give your players the ability to easily access their account information, connect with their host, make dinner and hotel reservations, book a show, and see a calendar of events with their smartphone.

Be empowered to connect with customers in new and exciting ways.

QCI Player’s modular design, coupled with extensive integration capabilities allows for a highly customizable and scalable solution.

Integrate seamlessly with various existing loyalty programs.

QCI Player is exceptionally secure and supports authentication mechanisms, as well as facilitating real-time loyalty points management and redemption for comps, added play, and other rewards.

Start growing.

Discover how Quick Custom Intelligence can take your gaming business to new heights.

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