Drive player loyalty through safe and convenient access to their account information in

The QCI Portal is a real-time online access tool that enables your players to view their slot points, tier level, offers, and much more from any device.

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Drive visits by making player information constantly available.

With QCI Portal, you give your players the ability to easily access their account information, connect with their host, make dinner and hotel reservations, book a show, and see a calendar of events with their smartphone.

Increase player loyalty by increasing player communication.

QCI Portal is your quick, easy, and secure player engagement platform that allows your casino to post messages to players and engage with your customers in real-time on their mobile devices with no application to download.

QCI’s proven portal is the interface for QCI Loyalty’s real-time engagement for early adopters.

With QCI Portal, you can provide the perfect guest experience with location-based interactions. Your guest’s food and drink orders can be tracked and seamlessly delivered even while moving between machines.

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