May 17, 2022

Industry Branding Leader Julia Carcamo, “Thrilled to be part of the Quick Custom Intelligence Community.”

SAN DIEGO, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — J Carcamo & Associates and Quick Custom Intelligence (“QCI”) announced that J Carcamo Associates has joined the QCI Community.  The QCI Community represents thousands of active QCI users. This community collaborates to provide innovative drivers to each other and to the QCI team. QCI is dedicated to listening to priorities from the community and doing our level best to deliver these in the product.

Julia Carcamo, Casino Branding Industry Leader, said, “Marketing brands used to be about creativity. The more creative you were, the more successful you could be. Today’s brands are less about fun graphics and more about connecting with customers. Brands are only as meaningful as the stories that create the connection. Data is the oxygen that keeps those stories relevant. Having the tools that allow us to take the enormous flow of data that we have access to as brand marketers and turn it into a brand story that is easy to understand and communicate as well as actionable is invaluable for both marketers and brands.”

CEO of QCI, Dr. Ralph Thomas stated, “Julia is a well-known branding expert in the industry and we know she will bring many innovative ideas to help us provide enhanced value. You can visit Julia at select shows in the QCI booth.”

ABOUT J Carcamo & Associates
Julia Carcamo is a casino branding expert and the author of Reel Marketing: The Art of Building a Casino Brand. As president & chief brand strategist at J Carcamo & Associates and founder of Casino Marketing Boot Camp, she aids casinos in building and maintaining engaging brands. She is also co-founder of the Hispanic marketing firm espÑOLA.

The QCI Platform aligns player development, marketing and gaming with powerful real-time operational tools developed for the gaming and hospitality industries. QCI has installed their ground-breaking, highly configured software in over 50 casino resorts in North America and over 3,000 sites worldwide. QCI products provide tooling for gaming operators managing over $10 billion in annual gross gaming revenue, these products are built on the QCI Platform, a best-in-class on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based technology that enables fully coordinated activities across gaming or hospitality operations. This data-driven software allows for quick, informed decisions in the ever-changing world of the casino industry and assists casinos in their efforts to optimize resources and profits, manage marketing campaigns and increase customer loyalty. QCI was founded by Dr. Ralph Thomas and Mr. Andrew Cardno. Based in San Diego, QCI also has offices in Las Vegas, St. Louis, Dallas & Phoenix. Main phone number: (858) 299.5715

SOURCE Quick Custom Intelligence