November 9, 2023

Co-founder and CTO of Quick Custom Intelligence, Andrew Cardno, to Speak at the National Congress of American Indians’ 80th Annual Convention & Marketplace

SAN DIEGONov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) is proud to announce that its Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Cardno, will be a featured speaker at the National Congress of American Indians’ 80th Annual Convention & Marketplace in New Orleans, LA on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023.

Andrew Cardno will be addressing a critical and timely topic at the convention – “The Recent Hacking of Commercial and Tribal Casinos.” He will join esteemed experts Victor Rocha, Conference Chair of the Indian Gaming Association, and Renita DiStefano, President & CEO of Second Derivative, LLC, to provide valuable insights into this pressing issue.

The session aims to delve into the intricacies of two recent high-profile cyberattacks targeting prominent casinos – Caesars and MGM Resorts. Both attacks were executed by the same notorious ransomware gang, making it an urgent concern for the gaming industry.

During the session, Mr. Cardno and his fellow panelists will conduct a detailed comparative analysis of these attacks. They will shed light on various aspects, including the tactics employed by the cybercriminals, the impact on the operations of the affected casinos, the differing responses by the two companies, and the significance of these incidents for Indian Country.

Andrew Cardno is a leading expert in cybersecurity and technology solutions, with a deep understanding of the challenges facing the gaming industry. As Co-founder and CTO of Quick Custom Intelligence, he has played a pivotal role in developing cutting-edge solutions to protect businesses and organizations from cyber threats. His expertise in cybersecurity makes him a sought-after speaker on topics related to online security and data protection.

“We are honored to have Andrew Cardno as a speaker at this year’s National Congress of American Indians’ Annual Convention,” said Victor Rocha, Conference Chair of the Indian Gaming Association “The recent cyberattacks on casinos have raised significant concerns within the industry, and Andrew’s insights will undoubtedly contribute to a better understanding of the challenges and solutions available to protect tribal casinos and their patrons.”

The National Congress of American Indians’ 80th Annual Convention & Marketplace is a premier event that brings together tribal leaders, policymakers, and industry experts to address important issues facing Native American communities. Andrew Cardno’s participation in this convention underscores QCI’s commitment to enhancing cybersecurity in the gaming industry and protecting the interests of tribal casinos.

ABOUT Victor Rocha
Victor Rocha holds the distinguished position of Conference Chairman for the Indian Gaming Association, while also leading Victor-Strategies as its president. As the owner and publisher of, he has been deeply engaged in the political landscape of U.S. tribal gaming since 1998. Rocha’s outstanding contributions to the industry have been recognized through numerous accolades, such as AGEM’s 2023 Peter Mead Memorial Award Honoring Excellence in Gaming Media & Communication, the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development’s 2015 Tribal Gaming Visionary Award, the American Gaming Association’s 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award for Gaming Communications, Raving’s 2012 Casino Marketing Lifetime Achievement Award, the National Indian Gaming Association’s 2002 Outstanding Contribution to Indian Country, VCAT’s 2001 Catalyst Award, and Global Gaming Business Magazine’s 2000 “40 Under 40” list.

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ABOUT Andrew Cardno
Andrew Cardno is a distinguished figure in the realm of artificial intelligence and data plumbing. With over two decades spearheading private Ph.D. and master’s level research teams, his expertise has made significant waves in data tooling. Andrew’s innate ability to innovate has led him to devise numerous pioneering visualization methods. Of these, the most notable is the deep zoom image format, a groundbreaking innovation that has since become a cornerstone in the majority of today’s mapping tools. His leadership acumen has earned him two coveted Smithsonian Laureates, and teams under his mentorship have clinched 40 industry awards, including three pivotal gaming industry transformation awards. Together with Dr. Ralph Thomas, the duo co-founded Quick Custom Intelligence, amplifying their collaborative innovative capacities. A testament to his inventive prowess, Andrew boasts over 150 patent applications. Across various industries—be it telecommunications with Telstra Australia, retail with giants like Walmart and Best Buy, or the medical sector with esteemed institutions like City Of Hope and UCSD—Andrew’s impact is deeply felt. He has enriched the literature with insights, co-authoring eight influential books with Dr. Thomas and contributing to over 100 industry publications. An advocate for community and diversity, Andrew’s work has touched over 100 Native American Tribal Resorts, underscoring his expansive and inclusive professional endeavors.