July 19, 2021

Claudia Winkler Joins Quick Custom Intelligence’s Center for Innovation at NIGA

Quick Custom Intelligence (“QCI”) announced today that Claudia Winkler will be headlining QCI’s Center for Innovation in booth #229 at the upcoming Indian Gaming Trade Show. She will be discussing the future of technology as well as positioning how data, technology and innovation can positively impact all aspects of a casino’s operation.

“Making decisions about technology is only going to become more complicated with more options to consider and what options would be the best ‘fit’ for your strategic and operational goals,” said Claudia Winkler, President of G.H.I. Solutions, Inc., who went on to say that “innovation leaders like QCI and their partners will play a pivotal role in helping casinos navigate through these complex decisions.”

“We are excited to have Claudia Winkler joining us at NIGA,” said Dr. Ralph Thomas, CEO of QCI. Dr. Thomas went on to say, “Having her knowledge and thought leadership as part of QCI’s Center for Innovation, coupled with our technology partners Axes, GameCo and Context Networks, will make the QCI booth the true center for innovative technology, business intelligence and software development at this year’s trade show.”

ABOUT Claudia Winkler

Claudia Winkler is one of the industry’s most recognized and respected marketing and technology experts. Her numerous leadership roles have resulted in a proven track record and unrivaled knowledge of gaming and hospitality systems. The G.H.I. team has performed 400+ engagements over the past 20 years that include: facilitating system selections and upgrades, information technology assessments, strategic IT leadership, technology gap analyses, project management services and most importantly — providing customized engagements and solutions to meet the critical business needs of their clients.

Claudia has been honored with the prestigious Marketing and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award, and G.H.I. Solutions, Inc. was named the Gaming & Leisure CIO Roundtable Partner of the Year in 2017. Claudia has also been recognized as one of the “Great Women in Gaming” for her contributions to the industry and her clients.

Claudia graduated with honors from Penn State University and serves on the Advisory Boards for Context Networks, Inc. and Zillions AI.


The QCI Platform aligns player development, marketing and gaming with powerful real-time operational tools developed for the gaming and hospitality industries. QCI has installed their ground-breaking, highly-configured software in 1,000+ locations across four continents. QCI products provide tooling for gaming operators managing $8 billion+ in annual gross gaming revenue, these products are built on the QCI Platform, a best-in-class on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based technology that enables fully coordinated activities across gaming or hospitality operations. This data-driven software allows for quick, informed decisions in the ever-changing world of the casino industry and assists casinos in their efforts to optimize resources and profits, manage marketing campaigns and increase customer loyalty. QCI was founded by Dr. Ralph Thomas and Mr. Andrew Cardno. Based in San Diego, QCI also has offices in Las Vegas, St. Louis, Dallas & Phoenix. Phone: (858) 299.5715 www.QuickCustomIntelligence.com.

Source: Quick Custom Intelligence