February 6, 2024

Casino Barcelona of Peralada Group will be implementing the QCI Slot Analytics Platform

San Diego, California (February 6, 2024) – Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Modulus, a leading provider of casino management solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, as they join forces to introduce the QCI Enterprise Platform to Casino Barcelona, owned by the prestigious Peralada Group. The QCI Enterprise Platform is already successfully deployed in over 500 casinos worldwide, spanning across six countries.

The QCI Enterprise Platform offers advanced Slot Analytics capabilities, empowering casino operators with data-driven insights to enhance decision-making processes. This partnership will see the implementation of QCI’s cutting-edge platform at Casino Barcelona, working seamlessly with their SYSTM Casino Management System.

Marc Attal, Chief Operating Officer for Modulus, expressed his enthusiasm for this exciting collaboration, stating, “We are very pleased that Casino Barcelona of Peralada Group will be implementing the QCI Slot Analytics platform, working in conjunction with their SYSTM Casino Management System. The benefits of improved decision making will allow the Management Team at Barcelona to optimize their Slot revenue potential, quickly and efficiently. As one of the foremost Casino venues in Europe, Modulus and QCI welcome the leading position that Casino Barcelona has taken with this agreement.”

Dr. Ralph Thomas, CEO of Quick Custom Intelligence, also shared his thoughts on this partnership, stating, “This partnership with Modulus represents a significant step forward for QCI as we continue our global expansion. We are excited to bring our cutting-edge technology to Casino Barcelona and contribute to their success in the European market. Our commitment to delivering actionable intelligence and driving revenue optimization remains unwavering, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Modulus and Casino Barcelona.”

This partnership exemplifies Quick Custom Intelligence’s dedication to providing innovative solutions that empower casino operators worldwide. With the integration of the QCI Enterprise Platform, Casino Barcelona is poised to elevate its performance and competitiveness within the European gaming industry.

ABOUT Modulus

Modulus is one of the World’s largest Independent Gaming Management System providers; operating in over 40 countries across Europe, Africa, South America, Canada and Asia. Our multi-lingual suite of management software allows Gaming Operators to optimise revenues and manage costs easily and efficiently. Based in France, Austria and Monaco, with partner offices in South-Africa, LatAm and ASIA our team of R&D and Support maintain the highest levels of Customer Engagement and Product Development. SYSTM Connect offers the very latest in “in-game” technology enhancing Player experience and, delivering fast and reliable network communication. Visit our website at www.modulusgroup.eu


Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) has pioneered the revolutionary QCI Enterprise Platform, an artificial intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates player development, marketing, and gaming operations with powerful, real-time tools designed specifically for the gaming and hospitality industries. Our advanced, highly configurable software is deployed in over 160 casino resorts across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Latin America, and The Bahamas. The QCI AGI Platform, which manages more than $24 billion in annual gross gaming revenue, stands as a best-in-class solution, whether on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based, enabling fully coordinated activities across all aspects of gaming or hospitality operations. QCI’s data-driven, AI-powered software propels swift, informed decision-making vital in the ever-changing casino industry, assisting casinos in optimizing resources and profits, crafting effective marketing campaigns, and enhancing customer loyalty. QCI was co-founded by Dr. Ralph Thomas and Mr. Andrew Cardno and is based in San Diego, with additional offices in Las Vegas, St. Louis, Dallas, and Tulsa. Main phone number: (858) 299.5715. Visit us at www.quickcustomintelligence.com.

ABOUT Dr. Ralph Thomas

Dr. Ralph Thomas is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quick Custom Intelligence. Ralph is a product visionary in applied analytics and the founder of two companies that deliver solutions in casino gaming, education, and adult learning. As a gaming industry veteran, Dr. Thomas has substantial experience implementing analytics into single and multi-property gaming companies to drive tangible and measurable gains to the bottom line and has built business intelligence tools for multibillion-dollar casinos. Dr. Thomas is co-author of seven books and over 80 articles on applied analytics and data science in gaming, an inventor on dozens of patents, and understands gaming from raw data up through casino operations, giving him a unique, 360-degree view of the industry.