August 22, 2023

Brandon Lenssen: A Strategic Addition to the Quick Custom Intelligence Team

SAN DIEGOAug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In an industry as multifaceted and dynamic as the casino sector, the right leadership can illuminate new horizons. Quick Custom Intelligence (“QCI”) recognizes this, and we are ecstatic to announce that Brandon Lenssen, a twenty-seven-year stalwart of the casino industry, has come onboard as Vice President & General Manager.

While press releases typically capture the crisp facts, we believe the QCI community deserves more. We want you to understand the strategic depth behind this decision, and the far-reaching potential of what Brandon brings to our team.

Why Brandon Lenssen?
With a career spanning over 2.5 decades, Brandon has been an industry insider, having served in roles as diverse as Operator, Operational Intelligence Partner, and Regulator. His tenure as the Vice President & General Manager for the trio of Bally’s Black Hawk Casinos is particularly notable. Under his leadership, the casinos navigated the challenges of a market where twenty competitors are packed within just two miles.

What stands out is not merely the roles he’s occupied but the innovative, data-driven approach he’s consistently employed. Brandon’s ethos aligns seamlessly with QCI’s vision. As we expand our footprint and roll out innovative product offerings, having a seasoned industry expert who believes in the power of data analytics is a significant asset.

The Power of Data & the QCI Enterprise Platform
In Brandon’s words, the QCI Enterprise Platform isn’t just another tech solution – it’s a game-changer. He shares, “I’ve seen first-hand how the QCI Enterprise platform is making strides across a spectrum of organizational sizes. The industry’s diversification, with facets like Sports Betting, Social Gaming, and comprehensive resort offerings, necessitates enterprise-level tools that don’t just gather data but spur action.”

And this is where Brandon’s expertise, coupled with the QCI platform, can be revolutionary.

QCI College: Paving the Path for Continued Excellence
Another element that resonated deeply with Brandon is the QCI College initiative. It’s not merely a training program but a testament to QCI’s commitment to our partners. From basic building blocks to enabling sophisticated, data-driven processes within the Resort Casino ecosystem, QCI College is setting benchmarks.

Brandon emphasizes, “The QCI College signifies more than education – it represents growth, partnership, and progress. As our partners deepen their use cases and expand their operational horizons, we’re right there, ensuring they have all the tools and knowledge they need.”

The Road Ahead
Andrew Cardno, CTO of QCI, encapsulates our sentiments: “We are honored to have Brandon join the QCI family. His unparalleled experience and insights will undoubtedly amplify our capabilities and the value we deliver to our partners. With Brandon Lenssen joining our ranks, we’re not just adding a member to our team; we’re integrating a wealth of experience, knowledge, and innovative thinking. We’re embracing a vision that believes in the power of data, the potential of technology, and the promise of the future. Together, as we chart new territories and create transformative experiences, we’re more equipped than ever. The casino industry is on the brink of evolution, and with strategic leaders like Brandon steering the ship, QCI is poised to lead the way.”

ABOUT Brandon Lenssen
Brandon Lenssen is a dedicated gaming industry professional, bringing over 27 years of experience across roles as an Operator, Operational Intelligence Partner and Regulator within the Casino Gaming sector in the USA and Canada. With a strong commitment to the industry, Brandon’s career reflects his passion for excellence and innovation. Most recently as the Vice President & General Manager for the three Bally’s Black Hawk Casinos, Brandon spent 5 years developing and implementing data-driven approaches to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of his team while improving the guest experience in a highly competitive market where 20 casinos operate within a two-mile radius.

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